Some Android users are receiving distorted GIFs from iPhone owners

Android users utilizing Google Messages are encountering a peculiar occurrence where GIFs received from iPhone users become distorted with missing pixels and dotted lines. The cause of this issue stems from the fact that iOS does not accommodate the Rich Communication Services (RCS) utilized by Google Messages and consequently sends the GIFs via SMS or MMS. However, in the coming year, iOS will offer support for RCS.

On Reddit, Android users have voiced their frustration regarding distorted GIFs on both Pixel and Galaxy devices, according to 9to5Google. A Pixel 7 Pro owner discovered that disabling the “Send photos faster” setting on Google Messages resolved the issue. However, another Android user received distorted GIFs from an iPhone user even with the setting disabled, indicating that this solution may not be effective in all cases.

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Google Support suggests another solution to fix the issue, but it may seem daunting to smartphone owners who haven’t backed up their data. This solution involves a factory reset, which is arguably the scariest thing to hear. However, there is an alternative suggestion that you can try. To activate this, launch the Google Messages app and tap the profile icon in the upper right corner. From the ensuing menu, navigate to Messages settings and switch off the Send photos faster option.

It should be noted that not all GIFs sent from an iPhone to an Android device are affected by this issue. My personal experience with sending GIFs from an iPhone 15 Pro Max to a Pixel 8 and a Galaxy S24 Ultra showed no issues with distortion. Interestingly, some Redditors even found the distorted images to be visually appealing, with one commenting that it “actually looks kinda cool” and another remarking that it “looks dope tbh.”

A Pixel user has reported receiving corrupted GIFs from multiple iPhone users across two Pixel phones in the last few weeks. Apple’s iOS is expected to include support for RCS later this year, possibly with the release of iOS 18. This could mean that the first iOS 18 beta, which is set to launch at WWDC next month, may have RCS support integrated. This, combined with Apple’s AI initiative, could potentially attract a larger number of iPhone users to participate in the iOS 18 beta program come June.

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