Space Swap’s Sustainable Bikini Fashion Show: Inspires the Space Coast Community

Space Swap’s Sustainable Bikini Fashion Show made waves at Long Doggers in Satellite Beach on June 15th 2024. Alexandra Komara, president of Space Swap, organized this unique event in collaboration with Villon and Long Doggers, aiming to educate the Space Coast community on sustainable fashion while showcasing local brands dedicated to eco-conscious practices.

The hour-long fashion show was part of the Locals 9.5 Surf Film Festival and began at 5 p.m., featuring local designers, an environmental sustainability panel, and 50 models who incorporated sustainability into their lifestyles. The panel included local luminaries such as Zach Eichholz from The City of Cape Canaveral, Sandra Leone from Sustainable Satellite, Environmental Specialist Abbey Gering, Alexandra Komara herself, and Luke Henning from CIRC, a local textile recycling company.

From Clothing Swaps to Flourishing Festivals

Space Swap’s journey began in September 2021 as a community clothing swap in the Eau Gallie Arts District. Over time, this initiative blossomed into multiple festivals with local musicians and artists, raising awareness and funds for non-profits like Community of Hope, WAYS for Life, and Kids Dig Gardening. These partnerships extend the impact of each event beyond the day itself, benefiting those in need and fostering community development.

Komara emphasizes that sustainability is a priority in each stage of the event process. Space Swap minimizes their environmental footprint with innovative practices, such as using painted surfboards as functional decor and a reusable advertising method for sponsors. After the event, these surfboards were repurposed as office decor, unlike disposable banners that end up in landfills. Space Swap also promotes a zero-waste mindset, encouraging crew members and models to bring reusable water cups and providing disposable paper cups only when needed. Additionally, when vetting for panel speakers, Space Swap handpicks community members who are experts in sustainability and the environment. This initiative bridges the gap between those new to sustainable living and those with more experience. 

Empowering Local Connections

The behind-the-scenes atmosphere was bursting with positivity. Space Swap creates a supportive environment centered around teamwork and encouragement, ensuring a safe space for everyone involved. Despite many models having little to no experience, they were welcomed with open arms. This supportive culture translated seamlessly into an energetic performance on stage. 

“The most memorable takeaway for me was the friendships made through this production,” Komara shared. “Like-minded community members who care about the environment, feeling empowered, and the arts have created unlikely friendships. Many businesses approached us after the show, inspired to tighten up their sustainability practices.”

Looking Forward: Upcoming Events and Initiatives

Space Swap invites you to stay tuned for their next big event in September—a clothing swap with the venue and date to be announced. The last swap attracted nearly 500 attendees and repurposed thousands of pounds of textiles. Anticipation is high for another successful event.

Additionally, Space Swap plans to launch a Sewing Club this year, providing a free, accessible space for all levels of sewers and learners to share knowledge and grow together. This initiative aims to encourage the community to repurpose and upcycle textiles, extending the lifespan of clothing and reducing landfill waste.

Space Swap is always looking for like-minded businesses to sponsor their events so that they can remain accessible to the community. To learn more about their mission, future events, and how to get involved, visit Space Swap at

Company Name: Space Swap
Contact: Alexandra Komara
Website: spaceswapculture.orgPhotographer: BLK Water Media