WhatsApp Two New Security Features for Better Users Experience

WhatsApp, a widely popular messaging application, is currently developing two advanced security features with the aim of enhancing user communication and privacy. The in-app dialler and Hidden Group are two highly anticipated features that will make it safer and easier for users to interact within the app.

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Making Calls Easier with WhatsApp’s New Dialler

WhatsApp aims to introduce a novel feature – a built-in dialler in the application. This implies that you will be able to initiate calls within WhatsApp, without the need to exit the application.

Saving a number may not be necessary in certain instances. This convenience can be particularly useful for reaching out to individuals who are not well-known or haven’t been added to your contacts.

Keeping Chats Private with Hidden Group

WhatsApp is currently developing a feature known as the Hidden Group, which can be likened to a covert mode for select groups.

The feature is exclusive to members of the group, providing them with a higher level of privacy. This feature is particularly useful for groups that prioritize confidentiality in their discussions.

Trying Out the New Features: What Comes Next?

Currently, the newly added features are undergoing testing, as a group of individuals are experimenting with them to gauge their effectiveness.

The timeline for universal dissemination of WhatsApp’s new features remains unknown. As with all new additions to the app, it is possible that the distribution process may take longer for certain users than others.

Wind Up

With a constant drive to enhance the user experience, WhatsApp continues to explore avenues for improving communication on its platform. Recently, the app introduced two new security features that have the potential to enhance the safety and ease of chatting for its users.

With WhatsApp’s continued growth, users can anticipate an array of exhilarating enhancements that promise to enhance their messaging experience.

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